Cafe Napkins

The Cafe Napkin is designed for when you want to use cloth, but don’t need a large dinner napkin. These durable 2-sided napkins are fantastic for the breakfast table, in lunch boxes, at cocktail parties, for picnics, and on the road. They are perfect for small hands, too and environmentally friendly—bye bye paper napkins!

They can be machine washed and dried. No ironing necessary! Simply flatten or fold when they come out of the dryer.

Some folks prefer matching sets, while others enjoy mixing and matching to bring a little moxie to the table!

Approximately 8x6.5 inches, although size may vary slightly between fabric styles.


Dinner Napkins

These 2-sided, 100% cotton Dinner Napkins are affectionately nick-named the “Lap Trap” because their oversized rectangular shape provides ample coverage for the lap—particularly for those who enjoy eating with reckless abandon or are over 6ft tall.

These colorful napkins are approximately 16.5 x 10 inches, and built to last. The double-sided patterns provide for creativity when setting a table, and make for outstanding origami napkin sculptures.

They are machine washable and can be popped in the dryer. There is no ironing necessary, but it is best to fold them soon after drying.


Color Splash Quilts

In 2012, when my children were very small, we went to the beach with my friend Diane and her daughters. To my surprise, she layed out 2 beautiful 6-paneled-quilts she’d made for her young girls in lieu of towels. I loved seeing these 2 seemingly precious quilts get played on, spilled on, used as capes, tents, head wraps, towels and a snuggly place to nap! Those blankets had been through a lot, but they were durable, and Diane assured me they were washing-machine-friendly and could withstand the paces put through by active and imaginative children.

Diane taught me how to make them for my own girls that summer, and I’ve continued using them as a vehicle to play with color and design ever since! (Thank you, my friend!)

Children and adults report using these colorful quilts as meditation shawls, individual picnic or beach blankets, baby-toddler-or-kiddo blankets, table cloths, accent decor for a sofa or chair, hospital-stay-comfort-companions, super hero capes, and as cozy wraps for long car rides. They fold or roll up quite compactly, and are light weight making them easy to transport.

Each Color Splash Quilts is made with six or eight 100% cotton fat quarter panels, with an up-cycled 100% cotton flannel back. And because I never repeat a pattern, every quilt is unique and one-of-a kind. At some point early on, I decided to say a Tibetan blessing for well-being while completing each quilt, as well as sewing a version of the blessing inside.. (Couldn’t we all use a little more well-being in our lives?)

The 6 panel quilts are approximately 3.25 X 4.25ft, and the 8 paneled are approximately 3.25 X 5.25ft in size.